Orbital Mechanics for Dummies
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Where can I learn about the physics of spaceflight if I don't know calculus? What books, movies, video games, websites, etc., would you recommend?

I'm writing a fictional piece that's basically Master and Commander... IN SPACE and I don't want to resort to the usual hand-wave of hyperdrive engines that defy all physics. I also don't want to take a course in differential calculus for the sake of a single short story.

Ideally, I could learn all this stuff by reading/watching other works of fiction! Neal Stephenson's Seveneves is a good example of the sort of thing I'm looking for.

I don't object to non-fiction! I just need something that's watered down enough for someone who wouldn't know a calculus from the bottom of his foot.
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Kerbal Space Program!!! By a country mile. I don't think any other resource will even come close in terms of making it all just click.
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Relevant XKCD comic
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Came here hoping Kerbal would be first answer, was not disappointed.

Elon Musk loves Kerbal. That's kinda all you need to know.
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If you want to learn orbital mechanics through Kerbal and not actually play it yourself, I highly recommend Scott Manley's youtube channel. His schtick is to talk about real-world space/science in the context of KSP.
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Nthing Kerbal Space Program, ideally through playing it... controlling trajectories and orbits yourself will definitely lead to several lightbulb moments.

You may also find some useful info on Atomic Rockets, the homepage is a bit off-putting, make sure you "Click to Show Topics" at the top, things get a bit visually calmer futher down the site.
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to rise from earth
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Atomic Rockets is a site specifically for SF authors covering all aspects of spaceflight.
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re:Kerbal Space Program - The Kerbal Space Program Wiki has Tutorials that are very helpful for getting your feet off the ground.
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