Lost Opportunity
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Trying to get to a job interview an hour away.

Cannot drive. Interview in Northwest, Ohio an hour away. Already...

-posted on facebook
-posted on craigslist
-asked personally those I know
-looked for nearby greyhound stations

I know I should just give up at this point but thought maybe someone had some creative possibility.
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Paratransit if you qualify? Taxis (if you explain to dispatch beforehand so they know what to expect)? Ask to interview by Skype?
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Call right now and ask if they can do a phone interview. Offer to come in person for a 2nd round, if needed.
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Depending on how important this is to you, I would either ask to Skype, or take some kind of public transit to Toledo, and arrange a car service from there.
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Yep, call a local taxi company, and don't be afraid to ask if they can give you a better price, especially if it's in the middle of a weekday when a driver might not be too busy, otherwise. A guaranteed 100 mile+ round trip will often be more appealing than the chance of a few small local trips. Find out how long the interview is expected to take so you can let the driver know what to expect.
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Uber? Metafilter Jobs?
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I have done his a couple of times. You could either get a car service all the way to your destination, which will be more than willing to do this, or you can get a bus to the nearest city and get a cab from there. I'd made the cab arrangements ahead of time in the latter case, though, just in case. The latter option is also significantly cheaper.
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Also, this might go without saying, but in the interview don't mention how difficult it was to get there! (And leave yourself extra travel time so there's no danger of being late, having to explain why you were late, etc.)
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As an institution in the area you're traveling to, the employer may be able to advise you about transportation options. This assumes your contact there seems friendly and open to helping you out.
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Call the local senior citizens center or nursing homes. There are plenty of old folks that can't drive anymore. These places probably can direct to you either a service or a nice person that will drive you where you need to go for some money.

As a last resort rent a limo.
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Is there a way you can post on a board (either electronically or physically) at local colleges? College students may have flexible schedules but not checking Craigslist for a side gig.

I would avoid involving the employer if at all possible.
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+1 to do a deal with your local taxi company. $50 an hour for three hours, with one hour waiting for you, is totally reasonable.

Raise your offering price on Craigslist and put it in the subject line: ****$150 to drive me back and forth to Foo, waiting an hour there before return***

Pay someone not only for their time but to rent a car to take you. Lots of people have licenses but not cars.
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