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So, this is a longshot. Back in the late 90s/early 2000s, I had a (very minor) part in the Mac OS modding scene via the long-departed ResExcellence and Kaleidoscope scheme community. As part of that, I worked with someone who called themselves Phydeaux. I'd like to see if they're still around somewhere.

Together, we worked out the re-skinning of Internet Explorer 5 (wait, really?) via ResEdit to tweak an Aqua-style theme and let others re-skin it - as was the style at the time, we called it Lecter. With sold & gone and the Internet Archive's search engine a year or so away, I'm coming up blank even on mentions of the tool (aside from a throwaway mention in a Mat Honan piece about skinning SoundJam & IE).

Back then, I was either sysinfo or haminate. I also (very briefly) had a position with ResExcellence as the AppleScript editor/columnist but I was a depressed, flaky late/post-teen and was terminated after my first paycheck for missing deadlines. Sadly, I didn't bother to keep any email archives, making this trip down memory lane doubly difficult.

I'm not expecting much, but I figured there's no better place to ask. Bonus points for anyone who remembers the Bad Moon Hotline server/icons.
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Quick addendum - he/she was also responsible for nuking the ads in AOL Instant Messenger. Old MacNN forum here. The link there gives me a launchpad for which gives me some proof, anyway.
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If no luck here, you might try some of the subreddits listed on the right here:
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Wow! I remember Phydeaux! I will see if I am dig anything up for you.
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Have you tried Google Groups? There's a lot of hits for "Phydeaux", but I narrowed it down with Resedit and came up with this one message. The useful clue there is it was posted via, which means he was probably a student or employee at Columbia University in New York in 1992.
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This thread at has a reply from someone called Phydeaux who says 'I'm likely the best Tetris player in TN'. Is it the same person? I don't know, but it is another data point.
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