What can you tell me about these propellers?
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What—if any—plane were they originally attached to? Do they have any value?

These propellers were mounted on wind machines in an apple orchard in eastern Oregon.

- We were told they were "Korean war surplus," whatever that might mean.
- They are around ten or twelve feet long. I included a photo with my hand for scale.
- The only numbers I could find were stamped on the back of the center portion of the blades (where they meet in the center).
- They do turn, but the diesel motors they were attached to are gone.

Image link.
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this guy will probably know:

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Two-bladed props fell out of military use in the mid-1930s when increasing motor horsepower demanded either longer blades or more of them. Civilian use held onto the 2-blade design longer with lower-horse motors, so if it's from a civilian plane there's a wider date range it could have been from.

Neither one is distinctive enough to decisively pick an aircraft it came from.

If this was Korean war surplus, with letters and numbers it's unlikely to have been from an east asian air vehicle, so either it was previous-war surplus (e.g. a WWII plane still kicking around) that got brought along or was maybe from a civilian aircraft. It's possible it could have been from a squadron hack - a vehicle that was off the books and non-military issue that was used to get around.

These would have some value for their historical value (old neat things) or as a curio for the right collector. It's possible they could be used for restoration purposes - you could contact a local air museum to ask if they'd be interested and/or possibly donate them.
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^^ This. Nobody will make their fortune from them, but they do have some value.
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