And yet I am poor! Why?
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Is being "a river to one's people", or to anything, an idiom that pre-exists its appearance in the famous monologue in Lawrence of Arabia?
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In his book Arabian Sands Wilfred Thesiger tells of a meeting with a destitute elderly Bedu who is treated with respect and honored by younger men, despite appearing to be a begger in Thesiger's eyes. Thesiger is told that the old man was once wealthy and powerful but has become poor as a result of his generosity and he has given away everything. Screen writer Robert Bolt may have known that story and used the concept when writing Lawrence of Arabia.
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Does Thesiger describe him, or report him as having been described, as a river to his people, or as a river to those to whom he gave his stuff away? Because otherwise that anecdote, while interesting, seems irrelevant.
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You're right, the reference is irrelevant. Thesiger makes no analogies in regard to the individual. I thought that perhaps the scriptwriter might have been prompted to the metaphoric description.
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