No rainbows, please.
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I'm looking for more of these stylish little online shops that sell well-designed queer merchandise. I'm thinking the Autostraddle store or Otherwild or the Gender Is Over campaign. No luck Googling for this — I just get a bunch of cheesy t-shirts with rainbow unicorns and bad puns.
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DapperQ's Store Guide.
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Butch Store. Really just a collection of affiliate links, but carefully curated by a butch-identified blogger.

Are you looking for items that will cue others to your queerness, or just items that are likely to appeal to queer people?
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More the former — like Otherwild's "how dare you assume i'm straight" tank top. Sorry I wasn't clear there, and thanks for the links so far!
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queer+clothing and queer+accessories on Etsy brings up lots of stuff of all different aesthetic and political styles. I've been coveting this hat for a while.
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Wild Fang is really good.
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