Turn a laptop in to a Bluray DVD player?
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I have an TV with a built in DVD player that I didn't realize is ancient and a couple of older Windows 7 laptops and an HDMI connection. There seems to be a few different downloadable software options that would allow Bluray DVDs to be recognized by a laptop, without spending hours using trial and error, is there one that is better?
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Are you looking to play Blu-ray disks or DVDs? The hardware is different. No software will allow a laptop to play Blu-ray disks if the optical drive in the laptop doesn't support it.
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Yeah. Software isn't going to turn your DVD drive into a Bluray drive. You'll need to replace the drive for this to happen, or get an external one.
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Well, that explains that. I have one Toshiba laptop that plays Bluray and one that doesn't. I didn't realize they had different drives and would prefer to have the non Bluray drive laptop tethered to the TV. Obviously I will not get an invite to join any AV Club.

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It might be possible to swap out the drives. There's usually one screw on the bottom of the laptop that you can undo and the entire optical unit just slides/drops out after that. My older MSI has the screw marked with a circle-in-a-box disc thing embossed in the plastic, something like this -> [O]. The bezel pieces that match up to the side profile of the laptop may or may not be easily removeable. So there's a possibility of getting things how you want them...
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Actual Blu Ray players are cheap and small these days.
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Once you have a Bluray-capable drive in your computer, the software you want to use with it is VLC. Free, solid, plays anything without needing a crapton of extra codec packs.
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