What is this tool and where do i get one?
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This tool is about 40 years old. It's 10 inches long, has a gimlet tip for starting screw holes, and a round rasp-like shaft. It might be a saw for cutting holes in dry wall. It's definitely been a great tool for carving Halloween pumpkins as well as many other miscellaneous tasks over the years. Whatever it is, can I still buy one somewhere?
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Can't see the picture without a pinterest account. But it sounds like a needle file.
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Your link goes to a Pinterest page that doesn't have a picture of the tool you describe.
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That is a birdcage awl with a twist shaft, if I'm interpreting your photo correctly. According to this website, the twist has no effect on its intended use (making tapered screw holes in wood) but was meant as an aesthetic touch.

Really long ones like that don't appear to be too common anymore, but I'm sure you could have one custom made if you really love it. I would keep an eye on antique tool auctions to see if you could pick up another one.
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Sorry people are having trouble accessing photo. Any recommendations on photo sharing site that doesn't require login? It is not a birdcage awl. The shaft is a round rasp intended for gross removal of material. It's not an antique in that I know I bought it as a common tool at a hardware store some 40 years ago. Thanks.
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(imgur.com is the go-to for most of the internet's image sharing)
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If you look for "gimlet rasps" you'll find them sold by used tool sellers. And also raspberry gimlets, the drink.
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I've used a similar tool intended to remove small, irregular pieces of drywall (e.g. to accommodate a small light fixture/sconce). In this context they're called drill saws, though if you Google this, you'll find drill saw bits intended for electric drills. Handheld types do exist but are less common.

I've bought them at Harbor Freight in the past but can't find them on their website.
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Universal Saw by Stichling, or
Drill saw/keyhole saw!

(Image search helps for this.)
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sebastienbailard, that's the tool. Now if I can just find a version available in the US. Thanks to all.
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It seems like you can find it under the name Stickleback Rasp. That's just one example, there are also vintage ones on eBay for cheap.
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Cabingirl, that's excellent, thanks! May I ask how you found this?
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