Has anyone used Letgo or similar apps or are they just a crazy bad idea?
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I want to get rid of some random stuff in my apt and I've heard of apps like Letgo where you can sell stuff locally but... I'm nervous about actually using it. Has anyone used them and are they legit, or shady?

I have tons of stuff in my apt like fancy soaps and brand new makeup sets and posters and things like that, and I'd like to get a few bucks for them rather than just chuck them in the garbage. They are taking way too much space in my lil Brooklyn apartment, but they're nice, unused stuff. I've seen commercials for Letgo, where you list your stuff and then the idea is people in your neighborhood bid on it and you meet in a public place and make the exchange.

So I blissfully listed some stuff, and right away some guy bid on one and we exchanged like three innocent txts and then he started getting a little flirty and calling me honey and now I feel like I"m setting up a drug deal and/or going to be murdered.

So I pulled the plug on meeting slimy guy because it just felt weird, but is this whole thing a bad idea? Should I just stick to ebay et al, where you mail things out, which is more hassle and less money? Are there any reputable/easy to use sell-your-stuff apps out there?
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Why wouldn't you just use Craigslist for this?
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I'd do a 'stoop sale' and advertise it on Craigslist.
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Why do you think you'd get less money selling your stuff on eBay? Buyers pay for postage, after all, unless you choose otherwise. Are you just figuring the cost of mailing supplies?

When there are things I think are too inconvenient to sell on eBay or I wouldn't earn much, I like to just drop them all off at one of the many Stop 'n' Swap events all over NYC.
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I think my landlord wouldn't appreciate a stoop sale. Plus my block isn't very highly trafficked.

Doesnt ebay take out a percentage and listing fee etc?
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You can figure on about 15% in eBay and PayPal fees, but you get a lot more eyes on your stuff, which means higher sale prices. The reason not to use eBay is if you find it to be too much hassle, not because of fees.

You can also see if there's a Reddit sub for what you're selling, like /r/makeupexchange for the makeup. There may still be PayPal fees but you'll avoid the 10% eBay fee. You can also sell lightly used makeup on there, unlike eBay.
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Poshmark is perfect for selling used shoes, clothes, jewelry, accessories, and makeup. Technically you're not supposed to sell anything else on there but I bet you could sell the posters and other small items on there. (But not furniture. Don't do furniture.)
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You could try Mercari, which is a newer selling app that currently isn't charging fees for listing or selling. Note that the community is still small, so you might not get the traffic you'd find on eBay. Also note that although you can pay for app purchases via PayPal, you'll have to set up an ACH bank transfer to get your money; alternatively, they provide the option of using your balance to pay for your own purchases (which is what I've been doing).

I've been using it for just a couple weeks and I've already sold a bunch of things that got no interest on eBay.
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