Acrobat Pro hides tmp files where?
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I know that Acrobat Pro makes temp files. And I know they disappear once you open your file. I forgot before I opened my file.

My mac crashed and the six hours of editing I did yesterday have disappeared (yes I know I should have saved -- I really thought I did). I have Backblaze cloud backup, so I was hoping to be able to narrow down a window and find the temp file (which disappears on opening Acrobat) ... but I cannot find where it is stored. Adobe don't seem to give anyone a straight answer, and since I know I'm not the only person this has happened to, I'm hoping someone has found a magic solution.
I have autosave set to every 2 minutes, but all my tricks for finding any temp file are not working. So now I'll start reading the file again. Sigh.
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