Looking for a lamp which is basically a display for a small statue
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Jonathan Adler sells a small lamp that is designed to serve as a display for a small free-standing object (shown here with an Anchor). It is perfect - and we have the perfect object to go on the base- but Dr. Stewie really doesn't like lucite (the base is made of lucite). We've gotten nowhere googling for other similar lamps. Any suggestions?

On the website they sell it with an anchor statue, but at their stores you can pair it with all sorts of other decorative objects. The photograph is hard to see, but basically the upright lamp comes up at the back of the base and then the shade covers all of the base, making it appear that the stand and the statue on it are part of one contiguous whole.

Dr. Stewie would be fine with metal, wood, rock, anything but glass or plastic. Vintage/used is fine! One is good, two is great so they can coordinate. Thanks!!
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If you're at all handy, you could make this with a lamp kit, a piece of pipe and a bit of wood and a drill. Lamps are super-easy to wire, and that kind of thing would take you about a half-hour to put together.
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The off-center shade would be the difficult thing (I didn't notice that detail), but again, it's not insurmountable. If you got an oversized shade and moved the area that attaches to the harp, that wouldn't be too difficult.
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or you could likely replace the lucite with a piece of wood.
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I'm with Xingcat. A reasonably skilled craftsman could probably fabricate something like this without too much trouble. (Hell, I'm designing an arts and crafts version right now in the back of my head!)
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I don't know that this would strike the same notes for you, but there's this shelf floor lamp at Target.
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Thirding lamp kit. The Jonathan Adler lamp is ludicrously overpriced, and you shouldn't have to compromise over something that is so easy to achieve.
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Take your Thing to a lamp store and ask them. They can probably custom make it for you. That's what my parents did when they found a plastic replica of one of the Xi'an Terracotta soldiers, and decided that I needed it as a lamp.
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