Toronto Wedding Day of Coordinator Recommendation
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Can you recommend a person or service in Toronto who will coordinate the event for us on our wedding day?

My partner and I are planning our wedding in downtown Toronto this July. Everything is pretty much taken care of, but we want to hire someone to coordinate the day of- setup, breakdown, and other small tasks during the event. We will have a schedule set up for them with tasks, contacts, and details, and will meet with them to discuss it to make sure we're all clear- we just want someone trustworthy and organized to be responsible that night, who is not us. We have seen local services that will do the planning and day of coordination, but we don't want that much help.

Your recommendation doesn't need to have experience doing this- trustworthy and organized are the most important things for us. We will be around for anything truly crazy that happens, and we have a good family support team for that. There will also be a venue and catering manager around to do the big stuff. We have considered asking one or two people we know that aren't on the guest list otherwise, but we don't want it to be awkward if we can help it (for them to be there with a job, and to avoid discussions of payment with friends). Advice and recommendations are very welcome.
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Since there haven't been any specific names yet, I'd like to recommend Offbeat Bride. In addition to their many articles and interactive community, they also have a vendor listing that seems very legit with Canadian businesses. Perhaps you can find what you're looking for, too?!
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Jodi did a friend of mine's weddig. She's lovely
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Rebecca Chan did our day of coordination. I do events professionally myself and there was NO WAY I was going to be "on duty" the day of my wedding. While Rebecca herself only does full planning these days, she has a team of other coordinators who take care of day-of packages. Highly recommended.
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A friend of mine is an event planner, certified etc. If you MeMail me I can pass your email address to her and she can give you a quote.
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