Managing Off-Device iPad Apps
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I'm upgrading from an older 64 GB iPad to a new 32 GB one, so I need to shrink my data; especially stop storing large, seldom-used apps on the device (I can re-download from App Store when needed). What's the best way to keep a handy list of certain specified off-device apps, each linked to its App Store page for convenient re-downloading?

The "Not-stored-on-device" pane in App Store is useless, flooded with useless apps I bought ages ago and no longer care about. Only 10% or so of my not-on-device apps are of keen interest to me. Those are the ones I want to account for.

I could create a web page with a list of apps (each hot-linked to its App Store page), but that'd be non-dynamic....i.e. would be hard to keep track of apps I've re-downloaded, or to add newly-purchased-but-off-device apps).
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That $150 jump from 32GB to 128GB on the new small iPad Pros is a killer, alas....
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swiping left on an app in the "not on this iPad" page will now reveal a big red "HIDE" button.
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Cool! But then no way to then view the hidden. Also lack of sort is fatal. That pane is not useful for my purpose, but thanks for the tip!
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How about a list with links in the Notes app?
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What griseus said. Right/Ctrl-click on the app's title on its App Store page, copy the link, and when you paste it into Notes you'll get a completely formed link. (e.g., Twitter)
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FWIW, I'm tech-savvy. I'm hoping there's an app out there to do this or other pre-existing service.

I can create a list of links in any of 97 different formats. But as I say in the OP, it will be a drag to keep track of dynamic changes and new apps if I need to do this manually each time.
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Ok, I've got it. Create a second AppShopper account, using the "wish list" function to track offline apps. I can use their easy search and toggling to move apps on/off the wish list
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