Chrome is being unreasonably difficult
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Why is Chrome randomly (but frequently) failing to load webpages?

For the past couple weeks, I’ve been having trouble loading pages in Chrome on my mac (OS 10.9.5). About every fifth link I click fails, but if I reclick the link or copy and paste the URL into a new tab, it loads fine.

Things I’ve tried:

1) Using incognito mode with various extensions enabled/disabled to see if one of those was causing the problem. Didn’t seem to make a difference.

2) Uninstalling and reinstalling Chrome. This one is actually really weird. I deleted the existing installation as well as trashing the user data in ~/Library/Google. Before doing that I reset Google Sync and signed out of Chrome. So I would expect to have a fresh installation with no data. Yet when I reinstall and load the browser for the first time, it still has all my old bookmarks and extensions. It looks like I didn’t uninstall anything. What do I have to do to actually get a fresh install?

Any advice? Safari seems to load everything normally, so I don’t think it’s my connection. And it’s not a problem with certain websites, since it’s happening everywhere I browse.
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What do you mean by "fails to load"? I've been having a problem recently where Chrome/Mac crashes regularly, pages display the "Aw Snap!" error screen. Including a reproducible crash loading my Twitter timeline for awhile. I assume there's some serious bug in this version of Chrome and am hoping they'll have a patch.
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I've been having the Aw, Snap problem the last couple weeks, too! So weird. With my Twitter timeline and a few other sites.

Finally seemed to stop this week.
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Response by poster: Failing to load in this case is a blank page with an endless counterclockwise loading circle. I don't even get an "Aw Snap". It just never goes through.

I tried kalessin's suggestion for the profile and that did seem to give me a fresh install finally. But the problem still happens. I guess I'll try Canary.
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I'm having the same issue with both Chrome and Firefox. It seems to happen on pages that have lots of JavaScript or even Flash ads (even though I have an ad blocker installed in both browsers.) Reinstalling the plug ins and the browsers themselves hasn't worked for me either.

So, basically what I'm saying is you're not alone and hopefully there is a fix out there because not being able to use the Internet is a big PITA.
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Response by poster: It seems to happen on pages that have lots of JavaScript or even Flash ads

Does Metafilter have much of this (particularly using the classic theme)? I wouldn't think so since the design is pretty simple but I don't know what goes on underneath. But I just tried clicking into 6 threads on the Blue and 2 of them won't load.
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I've been having the Aw, Snap problem too, but it has not stopped, even after deleting and reinstalling Chrome a couple days ago. I have also been having problems with Chrome not loading pages; it just happened again yesterday after I had the Aw, Snap problem, actually. The Aw, Snap tab hung when I tried to reload it, so I closed it and copied the URL to try to load in a new tab, but for a while it just wouldn't load the page at all, and didn't show any evidence that it was trying to load, not even a loading circle.

I'll also be watching this thread with interest. I switched to Chrome from Firefox maybe six months ago, and I'm considering switching back after all of this.
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(I'm on 10.11.1, by the way, so it's not specific to your version of OS X, I don't think.)
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I get this on both OSX and Windows 7, though in varying degrees. The Windows version has the issue of trying to download files and it stalls, badly, in addition to the "aw, snap". I also did the uninstall and re-install, too. The Windows version of the trouble seemed to correct when I restarted the computer several times but it seems to happen every few weeks. The OSX problem is sporadic and I switch over to Firefox to get things done.
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Same problem here. I just bought a new laptop, with Win10. I thought it was my Win10 causing the Chrome problems. But none of the recommended fixes seem to work. Lots of articles out there about Chrome not working with Win10. And Win8.
Problem seems to be random, and I get the "Aw, Snap" and "long script" type messages when it's not working. Chrome will sometimes open one tab - but I get the "Aw, Snap" for other tabs. Sometimes it opens fine and operates and sometimes it won't open at all - and then it randomly opens 30 minutes later and freezes all other running programs for several minutes. So frustrating.
I have two other laptops: one with Win7 and the other with WinVista (refuses to die!) and they both work fine with Chrome.
I have had success with Chrome working after restarting the computer, but I find the shut down process really "laggy" - takes a good five minutes for the computer to close when Chrome is open. When using other browsers, this computer takes less than 15-20 seconds to shut down.
Slowly trying to move to another browser program (transferring all my favs etc) - which seems to be the only solution. I automatically open Chrome, without thinking - really, really hard to change this habit!. I have no problem with other browsers.
Not trying to steal your post! I have been thinking about posting about this problem for the last few weeks.
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I read somewhere that adblock can cause this to happen. Also too many tabs open for too long between restarts.
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