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I have a magento website with urls like and those work fine. But The site owner's seo guy wants it fixed so only works. So I went into the .htaccess file to make the change and it didn't work.

I tried a few variations but still nothing, then I got suspicious so I deleted all the content of .htaccess and the urls still worked. I cleared the magento cache just in case and they still worked. Then I changed the .htaccess to redirect all traffic to and still nothing changed on the site.

So it seems like the .htaccess is working because the seo urls work but when I make changes to it nothing changes. Is there a way those urls could work without the .htacess working? can .htaccess files be cached? If so, how do I clear that cache? Anything else I can try to see if the .htaccess is working? I currently don't have access to the hosting but I'm trying to get it
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Response by poster: That isn't my question. I'm not asking how to remove index.php from the magento URLs, I already know how to do that, with a functional .htaccess file. I have seen that thread but it does not help since literally nothing I do to the .htaccess file has any effect on the site
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Do you have access to the web server configuration? That could certainly override the .htaccess file. Your example "' does not make sense as "index.php" would be a directory.
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A technical board would surely be the right place to ask this.
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Ah forgot about modRewrite. (sleepy sorry) Those can be tricky rules to decipher. Really need to get the global config files and work through the details carefully.
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Response by poster: Unfortunately my favourite technical board appears to have a problem of IP blocking users, even ones that have been using the site for over 10 years! Whenever I've tried to post this question, I've been IP blocked. Which is why I've come here.

As I said in my question, I currently don't have details of or access to the hosting. I only have ftp access to the site.The site was originally built by some Indian outsourcing firm but I don't have any way to contact them to find out any details of how they set it up and the job has come to me indirectly through a client of mine, I don't have direct contact with the owner (I'm not even sure my client does, he may be going through someone else too!)
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So, from what you've done so far it looks like changing the contents of the .htaccess file don't have any effect. My guess would be that the things you want to change have been put into the server (or VirtualHost) configuration, and that .htaccess overrides have been explicitly disabled. If you only have FTP access to the files of the site then I think there's very little you can do. You need access to the server (or server configuration), or contact someone who has access.
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Response by poster: Had a bit more of a poke around and they're not even using apache, they're on ngnix. Mystery Solved.
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