What is this play?
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I'm looking for a play I read years ago, about a girl (a maid in a household?) experiencing religious visions. It's probably but not definitely Irish.

Here are all the details I can remember:
-Probably written between 1850 and 1950
-I think I read it in an anthology
-Probably Irish, or at least the maid is Irish
-A young woman experiences recurring visions of a female saint (Brigid? Joan? I think Brigid?)
-There's a priest who she talks to about this
-The visions are connected to the angelus bells, which she can hear from inside the house.
-She might talk at one point about the saint cutting her face to discourage suitors
-There's something about the saint and a rose?
-She has a final vision and then I think dies in the priest's arms, in the drawing room of the house.

Having done a lot of Googling in the last 24 hours, I am relatively sure this play is not by Synge, Yeats, O'Casey, Friel, Behan, Shaw, or Lady Gregory. Until last night I thought it was Shaw, but it doesn't match the plot for any play of his that I can find.

This is bothering me so much!
Thank you!
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Best answer: Shadow and Substance?
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Response by poster: Yes, I'm pretty sure that's it! Thank you!
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