Online. Collaborative. Sign-up Sheet. Free. Is that too much to ask for?
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I coordinate an event that requires a handful of volunteers and different time slots and tasks. I need to find an idiot-proof online source that allows me to post a link to it and people can then sign up for different slots.

I used to use a website called Bringit, but now it charges a monthly fee.

Assume I don't know people's emails or contact into. I want to just be able to post a link so people can sign up online and everyone can easily see what slots are taken and what slots are available.

Needs to be easily editable.

Did I mention it needs to be idiot proof?

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Does Doodle meet your needs?
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I'm pretty sure you can do this in Google docs. Create a spreadsheet with columns for day, space for name, start time, end time. Whatever you want. Then fiddle with the access settings. I'm unable to double-check this, but I think you can leave it accessible to anyone, then just send a link out, with instructions. Free.
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Sign Up Genius is what is commonly used for schools - they post slots and times, send out the link (or post on FB, website, whatever), and people sign up.
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Sign Up Genius, VolunteerSpot and Shutterfly!

At schools around here, we use Shutterfly because after the event everyone can upload their pictures.
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We use sign up genius for this
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At my university we use a google doc's spreadsheet in exactly the manner that j810c describes -- it has worked very well for us.
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A Google form with the add-on choice eliminator is the simplest for end user. You can set the spreadsheet to email you when entries are made.
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I use a Google Spreadsheet to manage a pretty complex volunteer shift calendar. The document is editable by anyone with the link.

It's easy to edit and I can use conditional formatting to do automatic color-coding, but it may not be sufficiently idiot-proof for your purposes. If someone deletes my formula column or starts copy-pasting cells with conditional formatting, the whole thing starts to fall apart.

I was thrilled with the VolunteerSpot form wizard, but on the sign-up end it asks people to sign in and then requires that they opt-out of emails and "special offers" from Land's End... so while I would welcome an alternative, Google Docs still wins.
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