What part of the world has the most junkyards?
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I'm looking for some 500 square mile area of the world with giant piles of machine parts. Junkyards would be good. But any piles of former machinery would still work. And it doesn't have to be cars. Planes. Boats. Anything scrap worthy but still semi-useful would work. SO where should I be looking?
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Well, there's Alang, in India, where they dismantle/scrap ships by hand, after piloting them onto the shore. I doubt the area totals 500 square miles, though.
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You might check out the ship breaking yards in Bangladesh.
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You might be interested in what are known as aircraft boneyards. I don't know if any equal 500 sq miles, but there's a good list on Wikipedia.
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The biggest aircraft boneyard looks to be about 2 square miles in size, if I'm doing my "1,300 football pitches" conversion correctly.

The ship-breaking yards mentioned by Thorzdad and stinkfoot come up in Edward Burtynsky's Manufactured Landscapes, which also travels to a couple of other junkyards that might be interesting.
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I once spent some time with a friend near his home in Maine where dooryards were a thing and we definitely cruised down many a backroad with huge heaping piles of equipment, non functional vehicles, lobster traps and all sorts of junk pile around and in front of homes.
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The ship breaking yards are probably the biggest ground area, but I doubt ANYWHERE has anything NEAR a '500 square mile' junkyard.
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My uncle knows a guy near Bove, MN (well, Bove was getting too crowded, so he moved north a few years back, buuuut...), who owns a 40-footer full of broken snow-blowers. Also, he buys all the Buick Opels he sees for sale. He likes Opels: he tears out the passenger seat to put in a minibike because they always break down, a'course. Great cars, Opels. Besides the Opels, discarded Opel passenger seats, and trailer of broken snow-throwers, he used to have a lot of discarded electrical equipment unit someone ratted him out to the EPA.

I could go on like this for a while: dude sounded genuinely scary. Want me to get his address?
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I think op is looking for a part of the world with a loy of junkyards in a 500 sq mi area, not one 500 sq mi junkyard
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Yeah I'm looking for a place with a LOT of Junkyards.
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The biggest scrap company in the world has a ton of locations in California... I haven't looked closely at the list but my guess is your personal 500 mile Graceland is somewhere outside LA.
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NYC is a pretty heavily developed area- I know Brooklyn used to be rife with them. 500 sq miles from midtown gets you to Philly/Newark and all the New Jersey in between (including old boatyard on Staten Island). I imagine any other post-industrial metropolis would be similar (Detroit area? Mexico City?)
500 sq miles is big. You can get a lot of nothing too.
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If scrap electronics counts, look into Guiyu, China.

And this book might have more suggestions:

Junkyard Planet: Travels in the Billion-Dollar Trash Trade
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scrap worthy but still semi-useful

Interpreting this broadly, it seems like you are looking for things out-of-service but that could still potentially have some use.

The Chernobyl Exclusion Zone is 1004 square miles in area, although a lot of it is going to be more natural areas. Not sure what percentage of the area is buildings and machinery.
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