Looking for a special kind of lady tattoo artist in NYC
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At the seasoned age of 38, I'm seriously considering getting my first tattoo. I've been thinking about a particular design for the better part of a decade, but damn, I'm having a hard time tracking down the right person in New York City and need recommendations.

The illustration in question is on a Victorian-era seed packet: a proper gentlemen who happens to be mostly carrot.

The main issues are that I would really prefer a woman artist, and I don't want a rendering identical to the original illustration. Rather than a delicate, vintage style, I'd like something big, bold, colorful and graphic, but not too cartoony (don't want to slip into Mr. Peanut territory).

Becca Genne-Bacon's stuff is phenomenal and the closest I've found to what's in my head, but her wait list is ridiculous. I could wait, given, but I'm wondering if there's anyone else out there who can do the job.
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For keyword searching: her style is called "American Traditional".
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I can recommend Bauza at Citizen Ink.
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My favorite tattoo artist, Liaa Walter, would be perfect for this but she's in DC. I'm thinking of traveling back for my next tattoo, because she's worth it; I didn't for my last one and kinda wish I had. I feel like tattoo artists travel often -- it might be worth an email to see if she'll be in NYC any time in the future?
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Are there any tattoo conventions coming up near you? It's a good opportunity to meet a wide variety of artists, see their work and find out if you 'click.' That's not to say you need to get tattooed at a convention, just that it's a good way to do your research.
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I haven't gotten work done by them specifically, but there are several women who work at Eight of Swords in williamsburg who do nice work (i have friends with several pieces by Zoe Bean but i think style wise you might prefer to meet with Betty Rose).

Since you dont have any tattoos yet ill just say that you should be 100% comfortable with the person doing your work and the place they are doing it - I'd suggest calling and stopping by numerous places until you find the vibe you want. EoS was awesome when i got a tattoo there (from Dave, the owner) - their pricing is reasonable but not cheap, their attitude is professional and very welcoming and the place has a really great vibe. like, if they sold coffee id consider hanging out there.
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As supercres notes, the link you provided is straightforwardly American traditional tattooing. You have some choices in New York. Smith Street is a famous shop specializing in American traditional, and I would get tattooed there in a heartbeat if I were in New York. (There is a cool Vice documentary about Dan Santoro from Smith Street). Three King's is a shop of note, and has a number of artists who tattoo American traditional. New York Adorned also rings out.

I don't have experience with any of these shops, but they are reputable in American traditional circles.

Bold will hold!
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Virginia Elwood does tattoos in a similar style to your linked artist. I think she probably has a long wait list, too, but maybe not.
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I have a tattoo from Dorothy Lyczek, who does beautiful work and is a rad person! Don't underestimate the importance of getting tattooed by someone you get along with and who listens to you-- you're going to spend several hours with this person, and you will always remember the experience. On my way to finding Dorothy I unfortunately met many a rude/uncompromising NYC tattoo artist (I've been tattooed in several cities, and NYC was by far the worst for finding someone). Dorothy was great, and while she's busy, she doesn't have the crazy wait times a lot of artists do. Best of luck! I love your carrot gentleman!
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Seconding Virginia Elwood. Well worth the wait!
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