Who can I donate my old PC to?
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I'm in Toronto and would like to donate my old PC to a worthy cause. Suggestions?

I've got an old PC and a couple of Canon printers sitting around at home gathering dust, and rather than take them to my local recycling depot, I thought I might donate it to some kind of charity that could put them to good use. Anyone have any suggestions as to who I may contact?
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you could sign up to toronto freecycle and post the stuff with a message saying you'd like to give it to a charity. there's all sorts of teachers and people who run shoestring community services there and you'll get bombarded with replies from people who would be all too happy to come pick it up. it's a great way to keep stuff out of recycling/landfill.
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reboot canada will take them. It's much less hit-or-miss than freecycle.
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ooh, I want to do the exact same thing (in Toronto, too); thanks for the question and answers!
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Computers For Schools Ontario
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reboot canada also gives you a tax receipt for your stuff. I donated there a couple of years back. Nice people, plus they have a wicked collection of classic/antique home computers. I wish I had the time to help them get them all working - it would be a very good museum.
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ditto reboot. I've used the Ottawa one.

AAAA+, would donate again.
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