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What are some documentaries with good twists?

Having just watched and loved The Imposter (2012), and The Jinx last year, I am now in the mood to watch more documentary film and tv with twists and surprising plot development. They don't have to be true crime, just anything that will make my mouth drop open in surprise at how bizarre real life can be. Available on streaming is a plus.
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An Honest Liar, about the Amazing Randi suddenly takes a left turn. I watched it on Netflix streaming and loved it.
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The first one that comes to mind is Dear Zachary: A Letter to a Son About His Father (if you haven't read anything about it, avoid any plot summaries beforehand).
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The Staircase.

Note: the DVD set doesn't have all 10 episodes (or at least, the used copy I had didn't). All 10 episodes are available on iTunes.
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The Great Happiness Space: Tale of an Osaka Love Thief. It's about a Japanese host club, but there's a reveal part way through about its patrons.
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The end of This Film Is Not Rated has a fantastic punchline. It's not a twist, exactly, but it's a great ending.
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The Great Happiness Space: Shit, I'd forgotten about that. It's a great twist (I knew it was coming, since I have passing familiarity with host clubs) but it's depressing as h e c k
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Capturing The Friedmans (warning: also depressing).
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In a Dream
Cartel Land
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Radio Bikini
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The Imposter
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Oh yes, Exit Through The Gift Shop
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Have you ever watched "Connections" by James Burke? It's 10 episodes and what he's trying to get across is the fact development of science and engineering is a web, with plenty of cross connections (hence the name). If you aren't familiar with the details of the history of science, it will genuinely surprise you again and again.
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If you don't know anything at all about the story, Searching for Sugar Man has something of a twist, although it's fairly gentle. (Non-spoiler info: it's about Rodriguez, a mysterious Dylanesque musician who recorded two albums in the early 70s that became popular in apartheid-era South Africa. If you know much more, the twist will be spoiled.)
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Dear Zachary.... Omg. Times 10!!! That film permanently affected me. Wow.
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The Overnighters has a surprise reveal about its main subject in the last third.
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I just watched Surfwise on Netflix and loved it. The twist is a little subtle, but it takes you from "OMG I want these people's charmed lives!" to "oh dear, not all is well in Paradise but people are resilient" in an hour and a half, with beautiful surf footage. Really enjoyed it.
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Dropped in to immediately second The Overnighters. It blew me totally sideways in the third act.
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Stories we Tell, by Sarah Polley. Very personal, without being too dramatic. Extremely well crafted narrative, enjoy!
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51 Birch Street.
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2nding great happiness space
Fantastic film
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Deep Water.
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The Queen of Versailles. It has a twist that the documentarian did not see coming when she began filming. Nobody saw it coming, really.
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My Kid Could Paint That
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But for the Grace of God?

It is about homelessness. It is extremely well done. I will not tell you the twist. Just watch it.

Yes, you can stream it.
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If an episode of Nova counts, B-29: Frozen in Time
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The Thin Blue Line, motherfuckers
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The Imposter, or Dear Zachary. I'm also a big fan of court room documentaries like The Staircase.
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Wow, thanks to everyone for the great response!

I've seen Catfish, and I loved Searching For Sugar Man, but most of these I haven't seen and many I hadn't even heard of. I'm excited to watch.
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Better This World.
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