Waxing in NYC
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Looking for recommendations for places to get waxed in NYC (Manhattan preferred). I have tried Bliss and Uni K; looking for other suggestions. Thanks!
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What kind of wax and what were your issues with Bliss and UniK?
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Response by poster: Bliss was very expensive, but even more, their wax (which I believe was soft) hurt like hell and really killed my skin—took weeks to recover. (And I tried them more than once.) Uni K was better but my last wax there was sub-par.
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Gogreen Organic Spa
I had good experiences here when I lived in NYC. They have a hard wax option, they don't double dip, they are quick. Sometimes there are groupons if you're a new client and want to try it out.
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I liked Shobha a lot; I went to the one in Soho on Broadway. Very clean, no double dipping, and not painful (well, not to me but I have a high pain threshold). Frances was excellent there, so I'd recommend asking for her.
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Unique Threading Salon near Herald Square. They are simply the BEST. Pay extra for the soft wax (I forgot the exact name; maybe chocolate wax? It is less painful).
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European Wax Centers use soft wax , have different locations all over the city and have been the least uncomfortable and least painful (It's waxing, it will never be painless.) of all the places I've tried. I must say, though, that it still depends on who does the waxing. There are some who do it so efficiently and neatly with almost no discomfort and less in grown hairs on regrowth, and then there are some whose names I purposefully remembered so as to never book with them again.
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J'aime Day Spa on East 35th is quick and clean. A Brazilian is around $34.
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