How do I auto-heat my Prius?
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My 2014 Prius has automatic climate control, but it seems to only work for cooling. How do I make it also work for heating?

This is a stupid question, but it's been bothering me for 2 years. So I have a 2014 base-model Prius with an AUTO option for climate control. I know that I can ignore AUTO and just adjust the AC temperature manually, whether for heat or for cooling. But I want to be lazy and set my desired temperature.

The problem is that the heating system, whether I have AC turned on or off, doesn't seem to trigger unless I turn AUTO off and manually turn up the fan. During the winter, if I leave AUTO on, I can turn the "temperature" all the way up to 80 and the fan still doesn't come on.

Am I missing something obvious? (most likely) Or is my car broken and I need to take it to the dealer?
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My Prius C doesn't turn up the heating fans until the car has heated up a bit. I assume because otherwise you'd be blasted with cold air. Not sure if this is what it happening with you, but it could be confusing.
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My wife got a Prius a year ago, and had a similar situation when the weather turned cool. She asked the Toyota maintenance guy about it, and he said he went off auto and turned everything to high.

So however it's designed to work, it's pretty subtle. The fan is probably programmed to come on after the engine warms up which could be after a couple miles.
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Echoing that the fan doesn't turn up on my Prius until the engine's warm, if I'm using auto heat, but if yours still doesn't do anything after several minutes, it seems like something may be wrong.

I pretty much never use the auto setting, though, because I find it more annoying than helpful. I basically set my temp at 65 and the fan at its lowest level for all of winter and am comfy (I'm usually wearing a coat when I'm driving).
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Sounds like a fault. You should be able to set Auto, choose 72 degrees or whatever, and have it hit that temperature. That's how my old gen 2 Prius works. The heat should start after the car has been running for a minute or two.
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Dittoing a previous commenter-- it won't turn the fan on until things have heated up a bit, to avoid blasting you with cold air. It's definitely a feature. Turn to the climate page and see that when you first start, the fan control is either showing as off, or the very lowest setting, and as the car warms up, it will gradually turn the fan on.

(2006 Prius here)
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Our 2014 Prius C Two does the same and every time it finally kicks on, it scares me a little.
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I checked with my wife. She turns the fan up, which takes it out of "auto". Doesn't change the heat setting. Does change from "fresh air" to "recirculate" (whatever they call it.)
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