I need winter boots.
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I'd like to get a pair dressy looking winter boots in Toronto.

I've checked out a few Aldos in the city, and the boots don't look like they would survive a winter here. I like the way the shoes look, they just look cheaply made. It is snowing again right this minute, so any suggestions you have are most welcome.
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Define "dressy". And what's the budget?

I would recommend checking out B2 on Queen West, east of Spadina, or C-Squared, about a block east of that.
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How 'bout a pair of black chisel toe Blundstones? You can find them in Toronto here. If it's within your budget, they've also got R.M.Williams.

Neither the Blundstones or the R.M.Williams appear to be specifically designed for winter (i.e. no heavy inner lining), but my Blundstones have gotten me through 3 winters here in Toronto.
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Response by poster: No real budget, but I don't think I'm willing to drop $400 on the R.M. Williams, though they do look nice. Thanks for the sugestions. I'll check that Australian boot company shop out.
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chunking express, I went to an Aldo at the Limeridge Mall in Hamilton and picked up a pair of these Aldo/Sorel boots.

They're pretty well made, though now that I look closely at them I can see that they both have vertical cracks in the rubber at the heel, which is rather odd. Comfy though, and I'm sure they'll survive this year at least.
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Response by poster: These boots look promising. I'll have to see if they have them for sale downtown. Thanks for the link lowlife.
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My Fluevog (Derby Swirl I think) hold up nicely, even wearing them outside for a 30 minute hike every day this winter.

They may be too pricey if you're not a shoe hound, but the Queen St store has sales a couple times a year. Plus, the ladies love Fluevogs (or so I am told, by actual ladies).
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These La Canadiennes are great -- waterproof, warm, comfy for walking, yet reasonably dressy/stylish. (Not sure if this is an issue for you, but they also come in a range of widths--much appreciated by my Fred-Flintstone peds.) Very well-made boots; mine have lasted almost two years and all I've had to do is put new heels on.
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Stoneridge (south side of Queen, near Spadina) has a good selection of boots that range from heavy duty to dressy... it's where I just picked up my new winter boots just a few days ago.
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Actually, these are the very boots I picked up... (I'd avoid the big malls if possible. The traffic is crazy so close to Christmas, and also the shoe stores are out of stock of all but the smallest and largest sizes... not a problem, I guess, if you have freak feet)
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My roommate works at The Foot Shoppe at Manulife centre. They're spendy, but everything there is fantastically comfortable, and lasts basically forever.
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I'll second La Canadienne, I have these. , they're cute and look good with skirts.
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