What are some good wool pants for men?
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This has been asked before, but the responses to that inquiry seem a little dated, so I will ask again: what are some good brands for wool pants for men?

I'm particularly interested in quality; I'd like to invest in a purchase that will hold up pretty well to wear and tear, as I expect to wear them to work once or twice a week. Even though I don't launder wool pants every single time I wear them, I have found that some brands can be made pretty cheaply and seem noticeably worn after a short amount of time.

Let me know where I can find some durable, stylish pants for work!
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My husband likes these and they have held up pretty well so far, but he doesn't wear them as often as you want to. I think that is going to be pretty tough on any suit-weight wool.
Or are you looking for heavier wool that is more durable and casual but less formal?
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I bought 3 pairs of Brooks Brothers when they were on sale at Christmas. 3 different colors but same cut, and I wear them in rotation. It's working out well so far, so I'll probably buy another 3 pairs next time they're on sale. Turns out Seth Brundle had the right idea (also Steve Jobs, I guess).
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These whipcord wool pants are tough as hell. They've been in my seasonal rotation for a couple of years and still look pretty much brand new. The downside is that they only come in green.
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I've been quite pleased by the wool trousers at Eddie Bauer (online only). They regularly go on sale.
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I love my Jomers pants. They can be kind of a hassle to buy though, so they're released in limited quantities and sell out pretty quickly. Follow their twitter so you're notified right away when they've got new stock.
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Lands' End. Year rounder wool pants. There are frequently 30% off sales on holidays.
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Seconding Bonobos. They make excellent clothing. Love my wool trousers.
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Thanks everybody for the great suggestions! All of these brands are new to me (good to see that none of the less durable brands I've tried were suggested) so I intend to try them out in order according to whichever is the easiest for me to purchase until I find something that works for me; I'll come back to update the post based on results.
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I picked up 2 pair of Brooks Brothers. These fit the formal style requirement; it remains to be seen how durable they are. First impression is that the quality is pretty good: they feel like they might be much more durable than a lot of the brands I'm replacing such as Banana Republic or Costco's Kirkland line, but it remains to be seen. I will try to update in 6 months to see how well these hold up after intermittent use.
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Brooks Brothers still holding up perfectly.
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