A picture of the Hayes-Healy Building?
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I need a picture of the (intact) Hayes-Healy Building from DePaul University in Chicago.

The building was recenty torn down and i am looking for a hi-res image of it still standing for a piece I am doing on building preservation. My own cursory web search has netted nothing... anyone have any ideas on where to look, or does anybody out there have any good early/historical images of the building?

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How about here?
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Is this the Hayes-Healy athletic center? Their campus map has pop-ups with photographs on them. It's not huge, but it's not nothing: 338 x 173; 49K.

A good place to check, with more information than you ever would have wanted, would be the University libraries or archives.
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You might consider contacting the DePaul University Library. Or the university's press office.
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Go talk to DePaul Library's special collections. According to this file (page 50) they have a picture of the building, which used to be called Wangler Hall, dated 1948. You can give them a call at (773) 325-7864.
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