Help me find a Business/Bankruptcy lawyer in MD
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I am in the middle of a divorce, and there are shared businesses owned jointly that I need help with. I'm looking for a lawyer in Maryland who works with small businesses (valued under 200K), can do bankruptcy and can provide guidance about personal debt guarantees.

I would like to get someone who will be responsive to my questions and not just sit on the retainer. I'm having a problem with my divorce lawyer and would like to not have the same problem with a business lawyer.

Also, I have a problem with taxes. My ex and I are behind 3 years in taxes due to issues with some of the businesses. I know I will need an accountant, but I may need a lawyer for that as well.

Does anyone have a referral for a lawyer or accountant who can help me?
If not, how can a search for one and have them vetted? Or online reviewed?

Someone recommended:
But the most of the MD counties are phone numbers. Is there a web based way to search for lawyers that have been reviewed?
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This previous comment may help.
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