How much is this old Grundig radio worth?
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We're cleaning up my grandparents' apartment, and have found an old radio. It's a Grundig Majestic 4006. Should I sell it on eBay or give it to Goodwill?

I've already Googled for this thing's value, and the only site I found wanted $25 for the information. Nothing similar on eBay, either.
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Response by poster: It powers up and AM works. Got nothing on SW or FM, though.
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It googled up at $250 for me. Why not keep it?

Look and see if any tubes don't light up and replace them, or take them out and have them tested.

Probably sounds pretty good, shortwave can be fun.
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A Grundig Majestic 4095 eBay auction ended at $81.01. The model number is similar, maybe the selling price would be similar, too. Search for completed listings on eBay under Advanced search options.

A Grundig Majestic 4091 U ended at $283.99! If you give it to good will, you may see it up on eBay soon enough. If the condition is similar to the ones selling for a good price, start the bidding at $50 and see where what you get for it.
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I did a completed listings search on ebay for just grundig Majestic and came up with a wide price range. The ones close to yours in model number are somewhat expensive but that doesn't say much either way.

My suggestion would be to list it on ebay, with as accurate of description as possible, and also the disclaimer that you don't know much about radios and if people have a specific question though should ask you.

Start the bidding at the absolute minimum you'd be willing to accept for it, and have shipping reflect what it will cost you to ship it. The worst that could happen is no one will bid, and you can give it to goodwill.

Odds are, if you take it to goodwill, an ebayer will buy it and list it anyways.
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This page seems to indicate one went for $250.
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if you're not broke: listen to dial-tone, sell it on eBay, and give the cash to charity. your grandparents would be proud.
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I agree with Matteo. There's a Goodwill in the small town where I go to school and it's mostly become a place to get costumes for theme parties. While there are more legitimate patrons of Goodwill, none of them will find any use for an antique radio. Auction it off and hand the cash to Goodwill instead, chances are they'd mark it down to 5 bucks, anyway.
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Grundigs are tough, because they are generally european-only products that were brought back by US Servicemen.

As such, they use european tube types. Some of the tubes are a direct swap, but some may be virtually unobtainium, short of buying from tube dealers back in ze Vaterland.

If you don't want to hassle with eBay, try the local classified ads. Many old radio hobbiests will run "Wanted: Old radios" ads, or will at least be passively scanning the listings. There are also specialized hobbiest classifieds online.

It is a nice radio, BTW. Somebody somewhere wants it.
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