Teacher for advanced management skills in the workplace?
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Do you know anyone who can teach advanced people and management skills in the workplace? I'm looking for an experienced, scientifically-minded manager who can teach first principle people skills, walk through handling specific personnel cases, and instruct on useful responses for common (and not so common) workplace problems.

My mom is a talented pharmacist who was promoted into management without any particular training for the people part of the job. She's done remarkably well through a combination of intuitive understanding of systems, results-focusedness, immense good will, and serious work ethic, but when she has personnel problems, she finds herself flailing around a bit. For example, she's hired a lot of young, smart, and ambitious pharmacists, expecting they'd adapt more readily to her hospital's systems. While they are indeed highly competent pharmacists, a lot of them are suffering from early career insecurity and a lack of understanding that being a good pharmacist in a hospital involves making sure that departments work together well, especially if they are the unit pharmacist. Figuring out how to get them to be happy and functional is part of my mom's job, but she's not sure how.

My mom has a broad understanding of how to do people well: she talks to nurses spends time in all the units to see how systems are working for them; when she talks to doctors (or other clinically driven people), she sends them studies and highlights the relevant bits. However, status jockeying of new pharmacists throws her, as does setting boundaries for her own work (too much!), and other emotional labor heavy tasks.

A therapist might be able to help with a lot of these skills, but I'd specifically like someone who had a workplace management rather than a personal emotions focus.

Any suggestions (including specific recommendations for people good at this) would be appreciated! We're located in the Bay Area, but a remote option would be great, since my mom would prefer not to do a lot of extra travel.
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I have a friend who specialises in this at Florida Institute of Technology. I would be happy to pass on their details to you. The friend does a lot of work via Skype and teaches e-classes on these subjects also. So it might be worthwhile to check out. Please send me a message via Metafilter.
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You are looking for an "Executive Coach", which yes, I consider therapists but with a focus on the work environment/relations/time management and more friendly term for the therapist-adverse. as with any therapeutic relationship, it strongly depends on the dynamic between client and coach and she should expect to interview a few to find one that groks exactly what she needs.

In a lot of professional industries that promote from within, there is a recognition from the professional organisations that the skills taught in school to do the lower level job does not prepare an individual for the very different skills required in management. A lot of these organisations have formal and informal training programmes, peer support networks, mentorships etc available. This isn't a new problem so she shouldn't have to re-invent the wheel.
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My firm recently hired an executive coach for management and we have been having monthly training courses. The training sessions sound exactly like what you are needing. Google for your area and ask for references once you find someone.
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