What are the best youtube piano lessons?
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I am an intermediate piano player taking weekly lessons. I was just trawling through youtube on the weekend and wow there's tons of video piano lessons. I'd like to supplement my weekly lesson with some extra sauce! Which ones would you recommend? I am interested in improvisation, jazz, blues, pop, practice tips, technique (how to play ff and fast without injury) and in particular how to reduce tension at the keyboard.

Stuff that's available elsewhere besides youtube also welcome!
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Not a personal recommendation, but lifehacker just posted about Skoove and it looks interesting/worth trying out.
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Bill Hilton's videos are great for jazz and blues improvisation.
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A few jazz piano lesson YouTube channels I really like:

1) Peter Martin's 2 Minute Jazz lessons
A little more on the advanced side, but Peter offers a wealth of awesome material and does a nice job breaking stuff down. Definitely worth checking out.

I especially like his extended video: Help! What should I practice?

2) weeklypiano
Longer jazz piano tutorial videos with plenty of great advice! Here are a couple of his videos that are worth watching if you have time (both videos are ~40 minutes long):
*3) Jacob Mann's One Minute Jazz Lessons

Bonus humorous jazz piano channel by somebody from my alma mater (USC). He hosts a series of short videos that has gathered quite a following; you might learn a few tricks of the trade from him and enjoy a few laughs!
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