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It seems like is down for good. Jason Kottke, its creator, has previously said it could go at any time, and I acknowledge that and respect that stance. But I miss it! It's the best way to browse Twitter. Is there another site that does the same thing?

In short, on Stellar you pick a bunch of people to follow from accounts of other Stellar users. You can also follow people who aren't on Stellar by selecting them when their tweets show up in your feed. Your Stellar feed shows you what they fave/heart/like. It does not show you their own tweets or retweets. With a little bit of care in choosing whom to follow (not too prolific in their liking and faving, busy lives but still checking Twitter every day, probably using carefully cultivated Twitter lists or follows only a small number of well-chosen people, not overly focused on one thing, an insider in certain industries or fields) the absolute best of Twitter surfaces to the top. For just one example, I followed a bunch of old-school Internet types where blogging when I was in the 1990s and a bunch of writers for television and film comedies. It was seriously the best part of the Internet for me every day. It's like an extra-fine curation of quality tweets. To be clear: Stellar does not show the most-faved Tweets of the day for the whole Internet, nor even for all the people I follow on Twitter. It's only for the people I follow on *Stellar.* I neeeeed a replacement. Perhaps there's a site that will take any of my Twitter lists and let me see only the faves made by the accounts on that list?
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Daily140 does what you describe but you can only follow 5 people, and it comes to you daily in an email digest. Also check out Nuzzle.
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I just came across this big list of twitter tools that you may want to skim, too.
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No dice on any of those. I googled before asking this question.
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RIP Stellar

I use in its place. No customization there that I know of, but it leads to the same kind of content.
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I am a big fan of sites like this and they are all dying. Nuzzel and are the best of them for me right now. There's also Newsle, but the owner LinkedIn is just about to destroy the web view on that so I can't really recommend it now.
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So many of these are focused on surfacing the links that are in liked Tweets, but I just want the liked tweets.
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Off-site someone replied with FaveJet, which is promising. It still doesn't have the option of following the likes of people who aren't on FaveJet, though.
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