Getting From NJ to JFK on Strike Day
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MeFiNewYork, I ask you this. Today, I need to make it from Union, NJ to JFK Airport via public transit. I need to be at JFK by 7pm. I am leaving Union at 1:38pm, taking NJT to Penn Station, and LIRR to the Jamaica-JFK Airtrain. I am doing this with 100 pounds of luggage in a large rolling suitcase about the size of another person. There is a strike going on. Am I doomed?

(Addendum: There are no Virginia hams in my luggage this year.)
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The strike only affects the MTA trains and busses -- not the LIRR or NJT.

It will likely be mighty crowded, but you should be fine.
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You could also try Airlink New York
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Take NJ transit into Manhattan. Get as close as you can to Grand Central Station.
From there, you can catch a shuttle bus to JFK for about 15-20$. This is much cheaper than a cab.

Good luck.
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I happen to like your Plan A. NJT is running, LIRR is running, the AirTrain is a breeze. Only problem for you will be the luggage shlep.
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Your plan seems excellent. Just be sure to use your luggage as a weapon, as the LIRR from Penn to Jamaica will be mighty crowded.
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Actually, that's the best way to get to JFK on a normal day. You should be fine!
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you'll be fine - - - I would destressify it and cough up the 40 or so bucks and cab it all the way....LIRR to jamaica will be hell if you are traveling in mid to late afternoon. This morning was Tokyo style packed in like sardine drama. Or better yet see if you can find someone else @ penn station headed to JFK and split that fare loco
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Response by poster: Thanks for the answers, everyone. The whole thing went seamlessly, except for a little surreptitious sneaking with a bunch of other JFK-bound riders through ill-placed barriers blocking off the elevator at Jamaica station. The whole trip took about two and a half hours from house to terminal, including waiting.
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