Recommendations for a tiny purse that will last?
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I'm looking for a high quality, tiny purse that will fit my 5" phone, Kindle Paperwhite (7x5), credit cards, and possibly a pen and lip balm. Ladies of AskMe, what do you recommend?

I bought one on Etsy and it was super adorable, and the perfect size, but I'd like one with either leather or a nylon-like material that is washable. I'm not really into the style of, say, Le Sportsac with all the zippers, but I'd be open to one of any brand that zips from the top. The less it looks like a traditional purse, the better. I've seen Baggalini and Haiku (both of which I like), but I'm not sure if they're worth the money. To me, $50 or $60 is a lot to spend on a purse, and before I do, I'd like to know if it lasts. I've been reading reviews but people don't seem to mention longevity unless it's a situation where the bag fell apart in a few weeks.

Looking for a flat-ish, cross-body bag that is washable and will hold up to the abuse that I inflict on my bags. $60 is my limit, if that's realistic. Thank you in advance!
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Have you checked out Kipling? Something like the Callie might fit the bill.
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Best answer: It is a little over your budget ($85) but Leather Satchel Co. is running a Kickstarter and their Small Pixie fits your requirements re: longevity.
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I have a Baggalini, and it's held up really well.
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Baggallini are great. Durable, lightweight, and with a Tardis-like interior that holds so much more than you'd think. I have this one, which is my second-string bag after my bigger (and more utilitarian) Healthy Back Bag.
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Nthing the Baggallini recommendation -- they're very durable! If you have a TJ Maxx in your area, try looking in the umbrellas/travel accessories section -- I found both of my Baggallinis there at a substantial discount. That said, they probably won't have a huge range of styles, and you may have to check back several weeks in a row because of the way they stock things (nothing, nothing, nothing, and then a whole bunch all at once). That said, it's probably worth a shot!
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Best answer: The Tom Bihn Side Effect is the right size and very non-purse-like. It's made in Seattle and IMO the best quality for the price--the bags are all but indestructible. It does have a side zipper in addition to the top zipper, but you can wear that side facing in.
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Home Goods also has Baggallinis, in the luggage section. They are a great shape and I've bought two but the issue is the same, the lining is too large. Stuff will get twisted up in the excess fabric. In trying to find something in a hurry, I've pulled the whole bag inside out. Tacking down the corners helped somewhat.
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Best answer: Not a perfect answer but perhaps worth considering -- Roots? Extremely well made, free of ugly logos, very durable, nice goes-with-everything aesthetic. Above your price range (but check the US site; CDN$ is quite low right now, and this is just CAD78), but you could also stalk eBay, and I guarantee you will not need to look at buying another purse for many, many years. Aaaaand not a thing you can easily in the washing machine, but the leather is so thick and durable that very basic leather care will keep it tidy.
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I have this bag and it's great. You do have to buy the strap separately, but that's the only caveat I can think of.
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Best answer: I have nothing but good things to say
About haiku.
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If they are your style, Maruca bags are extremely well made (handmade), affordable relative to their quality, and come in a large variety of small sizes. I'm sad I had to give up this brand because their fabrics aren't my (very simple) style. But if you like their looks, you will enjoy them for many years.
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