What Twitter feeds do you follow, and why?
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I'm looking to diversify the Twitter feeds that I follow (out with sports, in with other subjects), so I'm looking for good Twitter feeds by people/publications in the humanities fields, popular science and/or the media. If you can add a bit about why a particular feed is worth following, so much the better. Thanks!
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Popular science:

Ed Yong
Carl Zimmer
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I use Twitter to diversify my sources of information. I follow Dan Drezner for politics from someone with an Econ background and finance news from Barry Ritholz, who has a daily digest of readings that are always interesting.
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@NPRCodeSwitch for interesting stories and conversations about the experience of people of color, largely, but not exclusively in the US. Lots of media and cultural commentary from under-examined angles.

@nprmonkeysee for engaging pop culture commentary and analysis.

@annehelen for really, really smart celebrity culture analysis.

@tanehisicoates because he's brilliant and also elevates sound critiques of his work and how many other public intellectuals ate also writing comic books?

@Cataranea is doing nifty spider research and writes about it very approachably.
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I follow almost 2,000 amazing accounts, but I'll just say @darth singlehandedly makes the Twitter experience 1000% better. Probably more than that.
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I follow @mattdpearce, a reporter at the LA Times. Good mix of news links, commentary, and random funny posts/retweets.
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Most of the people I follow usually address multiple topics which is why I like them. And they don't fight much which is the other reason.

@jaysmooth and @anildash (both what they say and their RTs) to learn more about racial issues (and music).

Similarly @tressiemcphd for the academic angle (she sometimes fights but it's always righteous) and food nostalgia

Similarly @mchris4duke for astute higher ed libraries stuff + gender issues.

@funkatron for information on mental health issues AND open source tech stuff.

@debcha and @ablerism for great materials science posts, disability rights issues and being female in engineering college.
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Karl Sharro, @karlremarks, is an architect and satirist. His comments on Europe and the Middle East are consistently good.
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Poets are great tweeters. I like @egabbert and @alienvsrobbins.
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@FutureOnFire covering radical politics/movement-building/ philosophy. Lots of 'on the ground' retweeting
@sosadtoday for nihilistic lolz
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I'm a grad student in urban planning, so these reflect my area of interest but I held off on recommending the academic ones.
@planetizen - good aggregator of urban planning/urbanism related news
@bldgblog - Geoff Manaugh is a fun writer and source of weird architecture and design
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I love sci-fi author William Gibson's twitter @greatdismal. His account is largely an excellent aggregator of interesting science/popular media/politics, but nearly everything he tweets seems to be tinged with a bit of weird.
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Some media/politics feeds I think are particularly good are:

@DeanBaker13 (economist)
@emptywheel (columnist, mostly DC news, analysis)
@ggreenwald (columnist)
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