A book I read as a kid
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About 50 years ago when I was just entering grade school, my parents took us regularly to the children's room at the Portland OR Public Library main branch, and we would check out books. That's when I learned about science fiction, among other things. More below.

There was one book I checked out that was about a space mission to land on Venus -- planet of jungle, of course, back then. The astronauts weren't careful and they brought a Venusian fungus back with them that got loose and started consuming everything. It kept spreading and no one could come up with a solution. Eventually most of the human race was dead and most of the planet was covered with the fungus, and the survivors were cornered in Alaska, with the fungus advancing on them -- and my time ran out and we had to return the book to the library. To this day I've wondered how it ended.

Anyone here remember this book and can tell me how it ended?

I don't have a clue about title or author; all I can say is that I read it in about 1960.
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Sounds like Hugh Walter's Expedition Venus, which was published in 1962.
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Three minutes. Truly amazing.
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