Tweetdeck for Windows has a month to live. Where to go next?
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Twitter announced today that Tweetdeck for Windows will be terminated in a month. For those of us who strongly prefer having a separate program, rather than yet another damn Chrome tab/window (...or for those who don't use Chrome at all....), what other options still exist for Twitter on Windows?

(The Verge - Consumerist - Twitter's own blog, which kinda buries it)

If I'm being picky, I'd love something with username auto-complete and (heretical though it may be) new posts at the bottom where they belong, but I'd settle for just having something that will work....

[I'm on Win7, if it matters, though I imagine others will be looking for clients on other Windows versions as well....]
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Response by poster: [Somehow forgot to mention: Ability to handle multiple accounts is at best a strong preference, if not actually a requirement.]
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Hootsuite still has a free plan for up to 3 accounts.
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For what it's worth, I discovered the Tweetdeck download for Windows had disappeared a while back and couldn't find a saved download; but opening Tweetdeck in Chrome and then using More tools -> Add to Taskbar... makes it look like a normal desktop application with its own icon, and without any of the normal browser buttons/menus or anything. I've been using this for a month or two now and honestly it doesn't feel any different to the desktop app.
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I don't see the "Add to Taskbar" option (maybe because I'm on Windows7?). If anyone else has a similar problem, right-click on the Twitter app icon (in Chrome's apps window), check "Open as Window" and then "Create Shortcut."

Doing this has Tweetdeck behaving for me as Parm describes above.
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Just to say: On Windows, it's under "More Tools -> Add to Desktop", and then you have to check the "Open as Window" button in the dialog, otherwise it'll just open as another tab in whatever Chrome instance you already have running.
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