Open Source Employer Data?
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What's the best source to automatically pull data specific to companies, including industry, size, location, public/private, etc.?

I am looking for an automatic way to pull down information on all types of companies. I am looking to match previous employer names extracted from resumes to information about that company. APIs, scraping solutions are perfectly acceptable, and preferred. Would like information about both public and private companies, large and small. Might be willing to pay, but would rather have an open data solution.
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Depending on your budget and what you are trying to achieve a bloomberg bpipe connection would be the burly solution. It's basically a java/c++ api into bloomberg terminal data. Its spendy. If you can live with fairly generous limits the bloomberg desktop API is also a great way to go - its a excel/vb/java accessible bridge to a terminal running on your machine. The bloomberg data is probably as good as anything out there, and the technology is good too.
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