Why is Gmail refusing to quote the text of the email I'm replying to?
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Weird problem started showing up recently. I'm using Gmail on Android and it isn't including (quoting) the text of the email that I'm replying to. I've checked the box to do so, and the quoted text even shows when I'm composing the email, but then it isn't actually included when the email gets sent (only what I wrote is sent). What the heck?
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I find Gmail behaves differently on different tablets and in different apps. How are you logging in? Email app? Gmail app? Web browser? (If browser, which one?)
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What email provider is the recipient using? Or does this happen to all email domains?
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You're positive it's not doing the auto-trim content thing, where there's a little box with "..." you can click to see the rest of your email?
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I'm sending (replying) from Gmail on a Nexus 5 phone (vanilla Android 6.0.1) to my work email and viewing the reply at work in Outlook. I've had the same setup for a while and didn't have this problem, so it seems like something changed. I was assuming it was an update on the phone. Haven't checked whether this happens when sending to some other domain.
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Look for an update for the app, and restart the phone. Those would be the first two things I'd check whenever weird stuff starts to happen on my Android.
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Outlook tends to hide quoted text in conversations, if it is at the end of the mail.
Are you mixing quoted and reply text? Can you see the raw source of the mail somehow?
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Nexus 5 and same issue recently, madmethods.
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I only noticed this in last few days, seemed to start after latest update around a week ago (though it could have started earlier and I didn't notice).
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