Who are the Republicans who have committed not to vote for Trump?
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Who are the Republicans who have said clearly and unequivocally that they will not be voting for Donald Trump? I am looking to compile the list of #nevertrump Republicans. If you can provide a link to a source (twitter post, article, interview, etc.), I would appreciate it, but if you know someone is Never Trump, I can find the source. Doesn't matter if they're voting Democrat, third party, or not voting.
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Response by poster: This can be elected officials, former office holders, or prominent media folks and commentators. e.g. Senator Ben Sasse.
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Also try "Stop Trump," and the Stop Trump PAC. I signed a petition here, though I'm not sure how to find a list of important signatories (might be just a failing of their mobile site.)

For what it's worth, it looks like Kasich and Rubio are both positioning themselves for this. Gingrich definitely is not.
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Here are a few from the NY Times : Anti-Donald Trump Rebuplicans Call for a Third Party Option.

I'm one too for what it's worth as are many of my friends, but we're not prominent in any way.
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NRO: "An Appeal To Our Fellow Catholics"
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Rod Dreher. Although he no longer identifies as a Republican, he is a traditionalist conservative.
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FYI when Ben Sasse was on Morning Joe the morning after his #neverTrump moment, he kind of wiggled a bit. Joe asked him something like "are you saying you will never vote for Trump no matter what he does, even if he changes his positions" or something similar and Sasse wouldn't just straight up confirm that.
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Based on their overall Twitter activity today, Jonah Goldberg (no surprise due to his NR position) and Dana Loesch are very close, though they seem to stick to retweeting the tag itself.
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Tip: look at everyone who tweets in response to @Reince. The Never Trump crowd actually loathes him (they merely detest Trump himself.)
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Bill Kristol is an unapologetic Bush/Cheney loyalist and neo-con. This article is from Sept 2015, but he's been singing the same tune ever since.
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