What is this Christian essay I can't quite remember?
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Can you help me find an essay that has a paragraph about hugging someone in a parking lot in the hopes of taking their pain away?

I know this is a long-shot, but AskMe has come to my rescue in this department many times before: This essay is religious, and in particular Christian, but I think this passage is something about how Jesus would not care if that person whose pain your were trying to alleviate was also a Christian. (Or…something? I remember it being very atheist-accessible.) I thought it might be by Dallas Willard, but I'm coming up empty. I really thought I encountered it on The Toast in a link round-up, but my searching has been in vain. I'm 99 percent sure the author is a man. What I know for sure is that there's a parking lot, there's hugging, there's Jesus, and the word "pain." It's not a lot to go on, but here's hoping...
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I know you say the author is a man, but in case this is the 1%...

Your description sounds a lot like Anne Lamott's writing. There is one essay about forgiveness (maybe in Traveling Mercies?) where she invites the "perfect" mom from her son's preschool in for coffee and has to work really hard to hold back her resentment, at least until it becomes clear how difficult this woman's life is. There is some hugging and a parking lot. And Jesus for sure.
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Is this it? https://weltonacademy.com/blogs/jonathanwelton/50141505-what-is-up-with-all-the-hugs
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