turkish delight please
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Where can I find nice Turkish Delight?

When I was a kid, I LOVED St. Micheal's Turkish Delight from Marks and Spencers. It was nice and moist and looked just like the stuff in the Narnia movie. I believe it was discontinued, because after that we could only find second rate turkish delight--dry little chunks in a bunch of nasty flavours.

Do any of you have a secret turkish delight source? Rose flavour is a MUST. Other flavours, I can do without.
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How about Bayco's Turkish Delight?
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I always get mine fresh from the nice middle-eastern bakeries that are common in my area. Fresh is best!

Of course, I could give you some directions, but since you're not in Melbourne, I'm not sure they'd do any good. You could make your own?
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is turkish delight a euphemism for hashish?
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If it were, that would shed a whole new light on The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe.
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Related comment in the blue.
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Tesco, at least in London, often has an 'imported food' section selling Cypriot olives, nuts from various places, sometimes even Irish tea, and nice Turkish delight. Also Morrisons on the Holloway Rd.
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not that you're anywhere near the UK, though - was misled by the Marks and Spencer reference...
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If you're near a mall (and who isn't) Williams Sonoma sells a decently overpriced and tasty version of Turkish Delight.
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In a word, you can't. I've tried nice, fresh Turkish Delight at a wonderful candy shop in Cheltenham and frankly, Turkish Delisght is a total oxymoron, but I guess the name sells better than Turkish Nasty. At least to certain demographics, anyway.
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Check out tulumba.com. They sell Turkish... anything, almost. And it says they ship worldwide. I've only tried their Baklava (very good), but some Turkish people I know buy all sorts of stuff from them. The prices are reasonable and the site is very nicely built (in my opinion).

Except... no rose that I can see. Maybe they're friendly and you can request it? Hm.
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Middle Easter grocery stores usually carry it. Avoid rose water flavor, it tastes a little soapy. Go for a fruit flavor or if you are adventurous an like nuts (and aren't allergic) get a nut flavor (usually pistachio).

Enjoy! When it's good it's good, when it's not, well, it definitely is not!
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That should be Middle Eastern if you didn't get that.
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Make your own.
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I see you're in Vancouver. If you can make it down to Seattle, you can get it at the store called "Turkish Delight" in the Pike Place Market. This thread also mentions a store in Victoria BC.

The Candy Aisle in Vancouver sells a lot of imported candy, especially from the UK. I'm not sure if I've seen Turkish Delight there.
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Response by poster: Thanks all!
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