Women's boots for plantar fasciitis
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I have plantar fasciitis that has been greatly relieved by wearing Orthoheels/Vionics sandals and shoes. Now I need some ankle boots. Not winter boots, rain boots for sloshing through Seattle's interminable rain. Recommendations? No heels please.
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I've got no particular recommendation, but you probably want to check out Barking Dog Shoes.

They review "comfortable shoes for women" (which are often surprisingly cute) and have sections dedicated to different conditions and shoe styles. Here is a roundup of orthotic friendly boots.
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How do you feel about orthotics? I find rain boots with good arch support in particular can be really hard to find, but I recently bought the Superfeet inserts (green), and they are amazing. Great arch support, really helped me balance out my over pronation. I also got these Feetures plantar fasciitis compression sleeves, and they have been helpful as well, although the biggest help is the Superfeet orthotic.

Just look for a decent rainboot with a removable insole.
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Crocs - said to be good for PF sufferers.
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Not really answering your question but have you tried Shock Wave Therapy for your Plantar Fasciitis?

I had PF so badly that I could barely walk in the morning and I was in pain all day. I had custom made orthotics which did ease the discomfort, but the pain was still constantly there.

Then, my chiropractor suggested Shock Wave therapy - it was mostly covered by my insurance and I think I had about 6 or 7 sessions and I kid you not... I'm now 100% pain free. I mean it, no pain at all whatsoever. It was like a miracle.

Anyway, I wish someone had told me about it sooner, so I just always put it out there whenever anyone mentions PF. I know you're in the States and I'm in Canada, but I'm sure there are options for you in your area.

Good luck!
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I have PF and these boots by Merrel accommodate my inserts and are h20 proof.
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Orthaheel makes inserts, which I've been very happy with. In theory, 3/4 inserts work with regular shoes, but I find the full length ones in shoes with removable insoles are most comfortable.
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in my experience Crocs are great for PF. I would not have survived & kept my case at bay without them. Don't think fugly clogs when you think crocs they have dressier shoes that no one would even suspect were crocs if you didn't tell them. I am partial to these rain boots, but they have several styles.
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Sorry you are suffering. I had PF for several years. Finally kicked it, but I still have to be careful with what shoes I wear. I know they aren't rain boots, specifically, but I am deeply in love with my Naot Tellin boots. They have a cork footbed that is amazing. They have served me well in a similar climate (Victoria, BC).
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I also like Vionics. In other shoes, I insert just a heel pad. The doctor i first saw made 2 very stiff, 1/4" thick pads for me and they've really helped. He said to use them in both shoes even though only one foot is bad. For me, the gel pads are too squishy and make the pain worse. I need something very firm like these or even these; the second ones are quite hard. It's the lift rather than the springiness that works for me.
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Have you tried Podiatry Shoe Review? I see these ankle boots for 2015. You can also search the archives and see which brands she's recommended in the past.

Also, have you tried these? I don't have PF, but I love what they do for my arches...
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I've had good luck with the SuperFeet inserts.
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