looking for the perfect pair of women's loafers!
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this is proving impossible — the ones i'm finding are either sporty (like merrells, etc), look like granny shoes, or completely masculine, or have either a boxy or pointy toe. then there are ones with weird square chunky heels, or flat with no heel at all which looks tacky and cheap to me.

i'm looking more for a pair i've seen in random street style photos. yes, i know loafers are inherently a more masculine shoe, and i'm fine wtih that, but i know there has got to be a cool, "urban chic" (for lack of a better term) pair of loafers for women out there somewhere!

i want the right mix of a well-shaped upper with some curvature with an almond-toe with a strong, masculine clean-line sole. funky colors/snake print/etc, welcome.

something like this or this or this

Thaaanks guys.
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The Everlane loafer might suit you.
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M. Gemi are pricey but really well built and comfy.

You may also have better luck looking for driving Mocs or smoking slippers.
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Madewell has a nice selection of loafers that fit your description. Here's one
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I just bought these Nine West Linear Loafers in the medium gold, which has a cool skin-look to it. It looks like they also come in various leathers and suedes. I can attest to them being very comfy and versatile - I've worn them for business casual events and with ripped boyfriend jeans.
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I've had my eye on these. The Everlane ones are very nice in person but externally narrow.
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Came in here to say Madewell. I also have some nice ones from All Black, but the toe is a bit pointier. Both are very comfortable.
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My wife loves Nisolo.
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What size shoe do you wear? If you have bigger feet, just go over the men's section. I'm wearing a pair of these that I found at Nordstrom Rack for about 1/3 that price. They're super comfortable and they show almost no signs of wear.
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I wear 7.5 to 8 and would like a slightly more feminine shoe than that pair of men's.
So far I particularly like the Nisolo, Everlane and M Gemi but these are all good suggestions.
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I own two pairs of these in different colors from Kelsi Dagger. Insanely comfortable, hard-wearing, classic looking, and I receive a lot of compliments on them as well. I do recommend sizing down at least a half size with this brand; I usually wear an 8, own these in 7.5, but could probably get away with them in a 7, just b/c the leather stretches.
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You could check Frye - I've gotten a pair from them and I'm really picky about shoes. They have the slipper type loafers now and had more in the fall, so a sale site like 6pm.com that has last season would have more selections. I like the Everlane ones as well - at the time Everlane didn't make my size so I went with Frye, though they have a wider range of sizes now. Plus Frye is pretty decent quality so they're not going to fall apart in a year. If I really wanted to spend money I'd buy Church's. Also Vince has some cool ones, I like their shoes quite a bit.
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John Fluevog. I loooooove my Fluevogs.

the Carla.
the Brandenburg Light.
the Gladice.
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It might be worth checking out Kurt Geiger. eg:


Note that depending on the style, the soles can be quite heavy. I have a pair similar to number 3 and occasionally hit myself in the opposite ankle with them.
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If you like the Nisolo and Everlane loafers, I would keep an eye out for styles by Dieppa Restrepo. Their shoes are more expensive and harder to track down but in my opinion are slightly more attractive and are very well constructed. Here is a classic black option. Here are some in a more exciting color. Here is a slightly different shape in a thicker/glossier leather. (I have their "Gaston" loafers in their black "iguana" leather and they are my favorite shoes.)

I have no personal experience with loafers from any of the other brands mentioned, but I have a pair of oxfords from Nisolo that really impressed me with their quality/price ratio, fwiw.
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You might like some of the fun color options from Bass. I have a pair with plaid uppers and contrasting red leather, they have lasted forever and are really comfy and seem to go with everything despite being plaid shoes.
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I love my Jeffrey Campbell loafers.
Better pics of what they look like on in the brown version.
Good quality, clean lines, extremely comfortable, and still feminine with the obvious menswear influence.
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