Female fashion blogs emphasizing "buy it for life" quality?
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I found this men's fashion blog called Well Spent and I love it. I love the emphasis on responsible sourcing (environmentally and labor-wise), a lot of made in the US and Canada items, and "buy it for life" quality– meaning items so well made I could hand them down to my kids. Is there a woman's fashion blog like this?
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Tomboy Style, or, as their new headline has it, "The blog formerly known as Tomboy Style," is not actually (to my mind) that tomboy-specific, and definitely does this.
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Grechen's Closet
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Into Mind
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There unfortunately aren't many women's clothes that you will WANT to wear that long, if you care about fashion at all, because even classic styles will date in 10 years from the small design details and fit. Primarily you'd want to look at Chanel handbags, Burberry scarves, fine jewelry--which doesn't solve the actual clothing problem.
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I love this question, though there aren't so many answers, I do think blogs of this sort are on the rise. Maybe you should start one!

I can think of a number of items that have passed from my mom's closet to mine, namely cashmere sweaters, an exquisite hand-knit bolero jacket, a leather belt, my father's leather trench coat (which has come in & out of fashion twice since I inherited it).

BuyMeOnce (US/UK) is expanding to new countries , and has an (albeit small) fashion section.

Their challenge page on the ultimate little black dress may just pull some talented designers/ideas to the fore. I'm excited to see what they come up with!
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Thanks guy! I'm loving Grechen's closet in particular, though I wish she lived in a harsh climate like I do.

I have a lot of items that are timeless classic styles that I have worn for a very long time and sometimes bought already vintage: Bean Boots, Pendleton wool sweaters, Steger Mukluks, Biltrite sole riding boots, Dale of Norway sweaters etc. They all go in and out of fashion, but since I often wear them more for warmth or water resistance and I think they look good, I'll still wear them. I started a Pinterest board but I'm always looking for new things to add.
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It's not a blog, but Gorsuch sells very, very expensive, very classic, very well-made items.
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Similary to Into Mind (which I love) the newly relaunched Un-Fancy. It was one of the first blogs espousing the "capsule wardrobe" concept, and is now focused on "smaller closet, intentional purchases, less shopping, and more joy." She features clothing from sustainable and environmentally responsible/ethical designers.
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I own probably 15 shirts from Tradlands. Simple, unique button-downs made in the USA to classic men's clothing standards.
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