How to sell leftover fertility medication
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I have one unused 1200ml box of Menopur (unmixed, kept in fridge). It can be quite expensive and I would like to sell at a discount to someone else who needs it. How can I do this safely, for both parties? This is in the UK.
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Illegal to sell prescription medications pretty much everywhere, I think, but if I was set on doing this I would look for a UK-based infertility forum.
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My first question was "Are they prescribed?" and if so, wildly illegal.
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Make your peace with the fact that it's gone. Find out how best to dispose of it.
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You can't. This is a prescription medication. It is super illegal to sell it. The best way to dispose of it is to take it back to a pharmacy/chemist. They have special ways of disposing of excess medications. DO NOT dump it down the drain or throw it away because it can contaminate the environment. Take it back to the chemist, they will dispose of it safely.
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It sounds like you have decent intentions (wanting to assist others struggling with fertility) but you've also posted anonymously, so you know you're in sketchy territory. Selling 'scrip drugs is illegal. Sorry. Please dispose of them responsibly.
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Some pharmacies will take unused & unopened medications with at least a 9 month expiry date as donations for use in poor areas around the world/country. They will not pay for them & it has to be medicines they would have a use for, so not sure if fertility drugs would fall into that category. While you wouldn't get any money for the drugs you might be able to claim a tax deduction for the donation, you would have to speak to the people involved if you can find a place.

It is illegal to sell prescription drugs. . Talk to the pharmacist you got the drugs from, they may know of a place you could donate them or would help find a way to dispose of them safely.
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Donate it to your Reproductive Endocrinologist. It's what I did when I had a bunch of leftover meds and no longer had need for them. They should be able to pass it on to someone who is in a situation that needs help procuring the meds but is in a financial situation where it's financially difficult.

Pay it forward.
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I've been told by someone (who, like you, had leftover meds—and twins) that this is done on craigslist in the US. The resale of prescriptions meds is also illegal here.

Just passing on what I've heard, not advocating one way or the other.
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I did what dancinglamb describes with different specialty meds and my clinic already had a procedure in place for donating them to people in need. It's not so unusual, with the caveat that generally you need to have unopened original packaging (e.g. if they are pills that have been decanted into a pharmacist's pill bottle, your doctor's office is unlikely to distribute them).
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