Count Down/Up Timer for Screen Time
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Need a timer I can use either online, app or physical that will allow my daughter to have it count up while she is working online and down while she is playing online. Difficulty: I want to be able to add time independently of the countup.

My daughter (8) buys play time on the computer by doing online learning (reading, math, etc.). I'm looking for something that she/I can use to track this time. Like an electronic version of an hour glass that we can flip when she changes from work to play. I've thought about a real hourglass, but the sand would finish and she/I wouldn't notice and just keep going and I would also like to be able to add/remove time manually like giving her an extra fifteen minutes when she does some difficult chore (which I cannot do with an hourglass).

I can do it manually with two timers, but is there any possible way in the world this exists in one timer?
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Would the Time Timer be helpful?
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I like the Datexx Timecubes, but they're set intervals only.
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If you have an iPhone, how about the Easy UP/down Timers? I have (and love) the paid version, with 25 timers. But you would probably be fine with the free 3-timer version.
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