What should my new fashion blog jam be?
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So I finally have had to concede that What Would A Nerd Wear, my long-time style bible, is long gone and never coming back. Is anyone else on the great wide internet doing something similar for the modren era? If you, too, are a nerd who is trying to learn how to dress yourself, what are your go-tos?

Basically I'm looking for a blog that focuses on very ordinary-people fashion. The appeal of WWANW for me was:

-how often she repeated items, because she was truly working from her own closet, not an endless stream of new stuff.
-how she identified basic silhouettes that worked and then experimented with how to recreate them
-how she emphasized wearable, weather-appropriate stuff

So I'm looking for blogs that do something similar but, you know, aren't 3-6 years out of date. (Half the stores mentioned on WWANW aren't even in business anymore, yanno?)

Bonus points for bloggers who are in their late 20s or their 30s, who have regular-people bodies (plus size blogs are cool too even though I am not plus size). Extra extra bonus points for bloggers in that age/size range who are not exclusively dressing for the office.

Don't make me join Pinterest, metafilter! Friends don't let friends do that! ;)
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Response by poster: Oh! And I did not specify dudes vs ladies vs genderqueer etc because honestly, it's all good. Like the blogger behind WWANW, I am a female-identifying person, but I'm happy to get inspired by anyone.
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Best answer: Putting Me Together checks all your boxes, and she focuses on using existing wardrobe items in different ways. She has a bunch of tutorial posts as well as documenting what she's wearing.
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Seconding Putting Me Together. Franish is worth checking out, too. Fran links to a bunch of bloggers who are in the same vein here.
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I like Already Pretty for most of the same reasons!
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Blue Collar Red Lipstick and Tanesha Awasthi.
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Here are two I like

Into Mind is minimalist and advocates finding your own style vs doing whatever is "in" or in season or fashionable or whatever. She has a lot of free resources and workbooks on finding your own style and signature look, and how to compile a wardrobe aorund that. She also has sections on chosing a color scheme and finding silhouettes.

Un-Fancy was just relaunched. It used to be one of the most popular capsule wardrobe blogs. It's now more about sustainability in fashion and mindfulness of how the fashion industry affects our lives and the planet.
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Unfortunately she has also stopped updating, but there's a huge back catalog of styles and looks at Fashion For Nerds.
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Seconding Franish and Already Pretty! I asked a similar question a while back which may have some more ideas for you.
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