Help me find a since-deleted YouTube video
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I noticed that many of my old favorites have been deleted, and there's one in particular that I've been itching to see again. I'm looking for a link/name/LoC listing??? of an old video clip from what seemed to be an anthropology documentary about indigenous music. My google-fu failed me. Description inside.

The video clip is about 2 minutes long, and features a dark-skinned indigenous person (possibly in Papua New Guinea?). He is sitting in front of a hut in the jungle, and he's got a round rock maybe a foot and change in diameter in front of him. He grips these hollow tubes of various lengths and diameters between his fingers and also between his toes(!) and plays them by hitting the bottom of these tubes against the rock. He gets different pitches by hitting only certain tubes against the rock. He plays two or maybe three songs and during these there's a caption in white that says something like "[so-and-so deity does something from a myth]." I wish I knew how to describe the songs in more detail than that it was percussive and rhythmic.

IIRC the clip was one take, there was no cutting away and then back between the two songs. The video was in full color, but the quality was like something from a VHS tape so I'd guess it's from the 80s? Help me AskMe, you're my only hope!
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Best answer: Is it this?

Found via the highly recommended Rare and Strange Instruments Facebook group.
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Best answer: You can buy the full film, 'Are'are Music, from a link in the description on erebora's Youtube find. The film also appears to be on Youtube in eleven parts, starting here.
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Response by poster: Yes! That is 100% it. Thanks so much!
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