Fun stuff to do in Iceland on my own
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So I'm on a tour in Reykjavik, Iceland right now through Tuesday. During the day, we're tromping all over the place and seeing all the sights. But at night....everyone else just wants to turn in early and rest. Tonight they went back to their rooms at 7pm! That's not an exaggeration. What are some fun things to do or cool places to go at night that are safe for me to go to alone, as a woman in my 30s?

Tonight I went to see live music at the Kex Hostel so stuff like that is good. I posted a meetup in the IRL section if anyone is local and wants to hang!
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Best answer: The Lebowski Bar has a movie trivia night that is really fun. But I'm gonna also just say that Reykjavik is incredibly safe and people are very friendly there, so you could easily have a great safe time just by sitting at a bar with a book and making chit-chat with the locals/bartender.
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There's a free listings paper called, I think, the Grapevine that you'll find in coffee shops and bookshops. It has lots of interesting things listed in it. Online here. I found Reykjavik a safe place to be out by myself late at night.

For a delicious, if expensive, meal, I'd recommend GrillmarkaĆ°urinn. I ate there by myself seated at the counter opposite the open kitchen and had a fantastic meal. It's easy to miss - walk all the way to the bottom of Laugavegur, cross the street, and then, just past the Nordic Store there's a pillar with a globe on it (right where this woman is) and a gate. Walk through the gate and the restaurant's there. Probably best to book, although if you're by yourself they should be able to squeeze you in at the counter.
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Best answer: The cafe at Kex Hostel is a nice place to just hang out. And it turns out they are hosting a folk festival starting tonight and running through Saturday (if you run over there right now you can catch the end of Soley's set!). Also, get a hotdog.
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I totally missed that you had already discovered Kex. Enjoy!
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Oh God, yeah, the hotdog. With everything, have it with everything.
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I traveled to Iceland (and lots of other places) alone in my 20s. I don't drink and am not into clubs or anything so I took myself out to dinner and a movie. It was an American movie so was in English with Icelandic subtitles and I had a great time. However, I love movies so ymmv. Another thing I do at night when I'm traveling alone is just walk around the city and do a little exploring/meeting people on my own for awhile before going back to my hotel to relax for the next day. Have fun!
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Are you with the group through dinner? If not, I enjoyed 3 Frakkar - it's pricey, but most food there is. We also went to a fish place on the waterfront, but I don't recall the name so that might not help much. I was there with my boyfriend but I would have been completely comfortable wandering on my own - that is, 3rd'ing that it's safe and friendly.
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Laundromat Cafe is cool... on AusturstrƦti.
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Best answer: Hmm, well several of the city pools are open until 10pm, so that is one option. I know Laugardalslaug is, and it's a quick bus ride from Kex. And it has a waterslide! Bio Paradis is the kind of artsy movie theater downtown, and there is often something interesting going on there. A bunch of people from the circus just did a cabaret show last night - I wish I'd seen this or I would have recommended it.
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