Why Can't Spotify & Apple Music Play Nice?
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Trying to copy an existing playlist that I created in Apple Music and share it with my niece who has expressed a very similar interest in that type of music. Is this even possible?

My niece, whom I love dearly, is becoming an angsty teen and has recently asked if I could make her a playlist of songs I'd previously created on Apple Music. The problem? The playlist is quite extensive and I know of no easy way to transfer between Apple Music and Spotify (where she is a member.) I am not a Spotify member (I dont' like them and think they're evil), whereas she as a premium member having received it as a Christmas gift. I dislike Apple Music too, but they seem the lesser of two evils. Does anyone know of any program/script that will allow to me to easily (and preferably legally) transfer playlists between the two services?
Thanks for your help.
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Haven't used this, but apparently this app allows you to move playlists between services:

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Users here report that using Soundiiz will work. Read the comments though, it seems like it wasn't 100% painless.
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